WEBSITE REVIEW:  Liane Holliday-Willey’s Blog


Anne Carpenter

Liane Holliday-Willey, who wrote Pretending to Be Normal, has had a new, revised edition of her famous book published and along with it a shiny new blog that has a fresh new look including a charming graphic of a horse with different colored spots with the statement: “Celebrate Differences.” Each blog entry is accompanied by a photo and arranged by date and covers the gamut from her special interest which is you guessed it is horses and equine therapy, the perils of being too honest, and her desire to have each room a different color to suit her particular moods.

There are a few sad and depressing posts, as a relative of her father’s committed suicide unexpectedly and that was a major blow. She goes on to explain the strong connection between ASD and suicidal ideation and likelihood; this is an alarming prospect, but something families of adults with ASD and co-morbid disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder need to be aware of. Holliday-Willey pulls no punches; she is unsparingly honest about her shortcomings and her frustrations while raising daughters with ASD themselves and while maintaining a marriage and a household. She finds relaxation through riding and has horses that bring her joy and stability. She is a great believer in equine therapy for people with autism, as it has been found to help with balance, coordination and sensory regulation and it can teach responsibility for an entity other than oneself (the horse and all the work involved in taking care of it). On the right hand side of the blog there is a list of topics ranging from Asperger Syndrome to Anxiety, to Relationships and so on, so that the reader can find blog posts related to that subject including her thoughts on social media and how confusing that would be for people on the autism spectrum. This blog nicely complements Holliday-Willey’s books and is not to be missed.