Today I found out about a brand-new service called Smart911 where one fills out a profile that includes telephone number, address and other info. If an emergency comes up first responders will know who you are and what to look for when they come to the rescue.

Being a single woman with ASD, it was recommended that I sign up for Smart911 just in case the worst happens such as another fall resulting in broken bones or if I were to be in an accident in one of the cabs I ride in. The sign-up process is lengthy and tricky; you have to enter a password and confirm it which was difficult, but I was able to master that and proceed. I filled out a profile with home and work addresses and filled in information about the buildings, including exterior appearance and whether or not an entry code was needed to get in. This is important in case one is trapped in a burning building or if a building should be damaged by a snowstorm or tornado.

In addition, one is asked to fill in personal information including any medical conditions (I indicated ASD and hard of hearing in my right ear), eye and hair color, and weight and height. I provided emergency contact information and a photo so that I could be more easily identified should an emergency arise. The profile is comprehensive and the process is lengthy, but necessary. This is especially important for folks with autism and a seizure disorder as the more severe seizures can render one unconscious and result in falls and other serious injuries.

This is a wonderful resource and I feel good knowing that I am in their system in case the worst happens. This is an especially important for older, single individuals with ASD and people with more severe physical impairments such as cerebral palsy and people with intellectual impairments including Down syndrome and Fragile X. I was glad to find out about this and now that I’m in I can feel safe and sound.